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Hilarious NFL Voice Overs (Bad Lip Reading Video)

This shiznit had me rolling

My favorite parts:

  • Reporter: How ya feeling? Adrian Peterson: Egg Rolls
  • San Fran coach: I want it now. I want cake now.
  • Steelers, Mike Tomlin: Stank…. Hambone
  • Tom Brady: I’m white
  • Ref: Her floor is just beanbags

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Epic H.S. Dunk. Jumps over dude (video)

Jay Boy of Hartsville H.S., South Carolina

Apparently the kid is only 6’1″.  Not much info on him from the schools website.

Apparently they won state last year and the SC House passed a resolution about it:



ARIC SAMUEL – Head Boys Varisty Coach… Read the rest

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The Gods of the Copybook Headings Explained by Whittle (video)

I love it.  Reason will always prevail over zombie thought.  Here is the official poem by Kiplinger:

AS I PASS through my incarnations in every age and race,
I make my proper prostrations to the Gods of the Market Place.
Peering through reverent fingers I watch them flourish and fall,
And the Gods of the Copybook Headings, I notice, outlast them all.

We were living in trees when they met us. They showed us each in turn
That Water would … Read the rest

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Google Glasses Can Turn You Into A Cyborg

For those that missed it, TIME magazine recently unveiled their picks for the best inventions of 2012. The list was filled with the usual assortment of techfoolery, ranging from makerbots, to home HIV tests, to even the Mars Curiosity Rover. Pretty big stuff, I know.

Google Glass

One such invention hitting the higher $600 – $3,000 tier was Google’s very own Google Glass. While I understand that not everything that made the list is actually “consumer” ready technology, I found … Read the rest

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Awww Moment of the Day (Video of Baby Tiger & Chihuahua)

Interesting Facts About Tigers:

You can hear a tiger roar over a mile away!

A tiger can eat 100 pounds of meat a night! Compare that to 400 hamburgers! They need a lot of food because they go days between meals.

Tigers have been called man eaters, yet they eat frogs, monkeys, porcupines  fowl, and tortoises, especially  when a good deer is hard to find.

Tigers have eyes that are the brightest of any other animal in the world. At Read the rest

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Girl Scout Cookie Girl Samoas Her Face (vid)

Am I wrong for thinking this is funny?  Or is celebrating your mediocre accomplishments on video worth the pain of getting jacked knifed in family jewels?  I reckon that is something for the suits in DC to decide.  BTW, I gots this from Tosh.0


Yes my friends, if you ever want to fake sick at work like a boss and get away with it just eat 2 bananas … Read the rest

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Oh Snap Obama: “Most Arrogant Man In The World” (video)

The Dos Equis Parody of Awesomeness. Some of my favorite quotes:

  • “They gave him the Nobel Peace Prize without him doing anything and he took it.”
  • “He picked Joe Biden to be his vice president just to show that he doesn’t really need one.”
  • “He changed healthcare for millions of Americans even though they liked what they had. “

Video is from www.dontbeadonkey.com

Stay Ignorant My Friends!

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Monkey Rapes A Frog, Like No Joke (video)

Monkey see Monkey do!

You see in chimp fairy tales it’s not you kiss the frog and it’ll turn into a prince.  It’s if you find the right frog you will have a happy ending.

Did you know that humans have the largest yogurt slinger out of all the primates.  Yep, even the gorilla has nothing on us.  King Kong ain’t got shiznit on me!  Gorillas love cannon size averages around a paltry two inches. Chimpanzees are much smaller than … Read the rest

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Track Champ Quits Race To Help Opponent Cross Finish Line (video)

Sometimes you need to see stuff that makes you think the world is not so bad after all.  Here’s to you, Meghan Vogel.

COLUMBUS — Lending a helping hand was more satisfying than winning a state championship Saturday for Meghan Vogel.

The West Liberty-Salem High School junior was the surprise winner in the Division III girls 1,600 meters in the finals of the state track meet at Ohio State’s Jesse Owens Stadium.

She broke away from race favorite Tammy Berger … Read the rest

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Mini Fridge Beer Cannon Operated by Smart Phone (vid)

Also how to build a kegerator

he fridge needs to be at least 4.5 cu ft.
The fridge can not have an internal freezer compartment.
The inside needs to be at least 25.5″ high.
The inside needs to be at least 16.5″ wide. Slightly narrower will work, but the kegs will be staggered and the CO2 tank may not fit inside.

Parts List:
1 – 2 tap beer tower with attached beer lines
2 – Ball lock liquid disconnects
2 … Read the rest

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fire breath-al-gore-fire

Must see video: If I wanted America to Fail

Video was inspired by Paul Harvey’s classic essay, “If I were the devil” Free Market America 

Read more:The Hypocrisy of Environmentalism:The California Tiger Salamander Versus the Spotted Owl

You cannot make this stuff up.  In order to save one species of owl (spotted), the current administration wants to shoot their rival (barred owls).  Read more 

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brian-dawkins flying

Super Hard Hitting Safety Brian Dawkins Retires (video)

Bontheball’s favorite defensive player of all time.  The man was like rolling ball of butcher knives. Click to read the story

Collection of videos


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