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How to get rid of a 4-hour stiffy

I don’t usually get an erection lasting more than four hours

but when I do, I go to this WEB SITE!!! Click on and be safe, my friends!

This totally trumps Roseanne naked on a cold day.  Good find Jonny 5.

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Oh Snap Obama: “Most Arrogant Man In The World” (video)

The Dos Equis Parody of Awesomeness. Some of my favorite quotes:

  • “They gave him the Nobel Peace Prize without him doing anything and he took it.”
  • “He picked Joe Biden to be his vice president just to show that he doesn’t really need one.”
  • “He changed healthcare for millions of Americans even though they liked what they had. “

Video is from www.dontbeadonkey.com

Stay Ignorant My Friends!

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