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Why: This blog was started to report different ways to be efficient, free, better, wiser, healthier and wealthier.  I am also constantly on the web reading about crazy and random things (thechive.com and cracked.com).  So I figured instead of emailing friends and such, why not create a website where I can post everything. Me being the scattered brain goof troop that I am, decided to change things up a bit.  So instead of doing a blog solely on personal development (boring); I did all the things I like:
  • I love deals (Woot (pending), Groupon, Cool gadgets, vacations).
  • I love politics (drudge, fox news, cnn, reason mag.)
  • I love hot ladies (tig ol bitties & booties)
  • I love all things redneck.
  • I love all things College Football.
  • I love funny jokes, pictures, gifs, and demotivational posters.
  • Being better so I have more time to goof off
So my site is all things that I love, or I like to call it the Awesomess/Bestest/Greatest site in the world.  I do have a full time job and html is not my thing, so bear claw with me. The plan (each day):
  • I will have daily deals courtesy of groupon, sqoot and hopefully woot (u her may Woot? Fo sho).  These will be in the sidebar or if it is really awesome in the daily ball.
  • Funny pictures from the categories (redneck engineering, demotivational, drunks, gifs, etc).  A mini chive if you will.
  • Balls Deep (Collection of hot chicas.)
  • Daily Ball (Links to awesome pictures and best news around..kinda like drudge but more awesome.)
Each Week:
  • Weekly opinion (where I rant, I should piss off both righties and lefties).
  • Kiss my grits (where I get somebody to complain about something like the post office, da po po, bums, lines, etc)
  • Weekly Awesome T-shit.
  • Some random arse cracka shiznit
Bio: Height: 2.569 arms-length Weight: 2.234 bags (Portland cement) Age: 9.4608e+26 attoseconds Favorite Movies: Army of Darkness, Point Break, True Grit, Outlaw Josey Wales, Up, LOTR, Star Wars IV-VI, and 13 going on 30 lol.  That is all I can think of now. Cartoon Characters most like: 1/2 Garfield, 1/4 Foghorn Leghorn, 1/8 Scrooge McDuck and 1/8 The Brain Name: Ash like the Army of Darkness Ash or the only cool way to say Ashley for a boy (Thanks mom and dad).

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