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nikki haley clemson heltmet colbert

SC Gov Haley Gives Colbert Signed Clemson Helmet

True Story: Clemson’s logo was created from a cast of a real tiger’s paw.
The Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C., provided a picture, and the Natural History Museum of Chicago sent a plaster cast of a tiger’s paw. If you’ve ever wondered why the Clemson Tiger Paw has a small fishhook-shaped indention on the base, well, that’s a scar from … Read the rest

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toilets connected to bottles

Want to save the planet? Become a Redneck! (30 pics)

Git'er Green. The hippie-hipster-leftist-volvo-prius-soccer mom-green-douche nozzle that I see at the Starbucks drive thru is not saving the planet (if it really needs saving). It is the resourceful redneck. Furthermore, the word green should represent saving money. Money is freaking green; the planet is all different colors.......................
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