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The Future is here! No more paper with DigInfo

Prototype Real / Digital Info Interface System

Using projection and gestures to create interactive relationship with information – video embedded below:

Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a next generation user interface which can accurately detect the users finger and what it is touching, creating an interactive touchscreen-like system, using objects in the real word.

“We think paper and many other objects could be manipulated by touching them, as with a touchscreen. This system doesn’t use any special hardware; it consists of

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Freaking Hilarious Music Video about Ex-Boyfriend

The dude’s name is Lil Dicky.  His website is pretty funny also:

Lil Dicky is the voice of the voiceless. In an era where rap is dominated by racial, social, and economic minorities, LD decided to put the upper-middle class on his frail, Jewish shoulders.

The results have been monumental. His debut mixtape, So Hard, has been categorized as “funny,” and “impressive” by his friends.

A non-traditional rapper, Lil Dicky uses a mix of comedy, lyrical ingenuity, and self-deprecation to … Read the rest

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Standing Out in the Digital Mudslide

There are enough words written on Twitter daily to fill a 10-million-page book. Facebook boasts more than a billion users, and Pinterest fans spend over an hour each time they browse the site. No matter how we slice it, our online presence matters. Personally and professionally, our digital footprints make a vital component of who we are and what we stand for. As you trudge through the “world 2.0,” what do your digital footprints say about you? Is your content … Read the rest

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The Tale of Two Cows (Epic Political Info-graph)

1) Three workers find themselves locked up, and they ask each other what they’re in for. The first man says: “I was always ten minutes late to work, so I was accused of sabotage.” The second man says: “I was always ten minutes early to work, so I was accused of espionage.” The third man says: “I always got to work on time, so I was accused of having a Western watch.”

And here are the nine runners-up:

2) An … Read the rest

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So God Made a Dog (Epic-Awesome Video)

This video gets me all the time. They do not call them man’s best friend for nothing. It’s a spin on the Super Bowl Commercial, So God made a farmer.

The words:
God Made A Dog
And On the ninth day God looked down on his wide eyed children and said“they need a companion”. So God made a dog. God said: “I need somebody willing to wake up give kisses, pee on a tree, sleep all day, wake up again … Read the rest

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Deals that interested me today

Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router

$24.99 for a Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router ($69.99 List Price). Free Shipping and Free Returns.

Toshiba Satellite 17.3” Laptop

$619.99 for a Toshiba Satellite 17.3” Laptop (Manufacturer Refurbished) ($920.99 List Price). Free Shipping and Returns.

$69 for $150 Worth of Wine from Shipping Included.

Dangerous Guitar

$18 for One Year of Online Guitar Lessons from Dangerous Guitar ($134.55 Value)

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Nebraska Cancer Kid Scores TD in Spring Game (vid)

If you don’t say awwww, you are a heartless devil person.

Nebraska held is annual Red-White Spring Game on Saturday and the star of the contest was a 7-year-old boy.
Jack Hoffman is a diehard Nebraska fan battling brain cancer. Last season, he formed a bond with Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead and has become an inspiration for the Huskers ever since.

So, during the fourth quarter of the spring game, Hoffman, who was dressed in a Nebraska uniform complete … Read the rest

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SC Prom Tux and Dress Duct Tape Style

prom tux and dress duct tape
A prom dress and tux made from duct tape might help pay for two students’ college tuition.
Senior Amber Squires and her prom date Kody Britt wore a matching ensemble made entirely of duct tape to Thursday night’s Green Sea Floyd High School prom.

The idea started in her 9th grade art class, when Squires’ art teacher Miss Hull mentioned the Stuck at Prom duct tape scholarship contest. The contest awards $5,000 to the best duct tape outfit, factoring in … Read the rest

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