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New Gangnam Style Song (Gentleman-PSY video)

I like the gangnam dance better, but still humorous like always. It’s basically the South Korean Harlem Shake.

The dance in the chorus originates from girl group Brown Eyed Girls’ 2009 hit, “Abracadabra”.[10] In describing the dance in advance of the song’s debut PSY stated, “I can’t tell you about the dance but all Koreans know this dance – but (those in) other countries haven’t seen it.”[2] For the April 13 debut of the dance, PSY instructed fans to attend … Read the rest

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The Ugly Truth about the U.S. Tax Code

Four Score and 70 years ago, honest Abe started the first income tax.

The Bottom Line:

  • The current income tax was started in 1913.
  • What is taller than a giraffe and weighs 145 lbs?  The Tax Code (72,536 pages)
  • Regression analysis predicts by 2050 the tax code will be around 140,000 pages.
  • The Tax Code has 5 times as many words as the bible.
  • Compliance costs are estimated between 300-500 billion dollars/year.

1. Brief History:

  • To help pay for the
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How to make a laser and flame thrower (videos)

Ive always been fascinated by lasers they are just such neat devices, the only problem is after a while you get a little bored just shining them at things. I always wanted the 007 laser that will just slice through anything, while this instructable wont give you that but it will let you easily slice through the black trashbag or electrical tape that Dr. No has tied you up with. All you need to be able to do it is … Read the rest

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Eagle Snatches Canadian Kid.. Hey Hoser (video)

The Canadian kid was 2 donuts too fat for full lift off. For Fock Sakes, it pisses me off that the Canadian Dollar is stronger than ours. And there kids are too hefty for our eagle to snatch. What is the world coming to?

Blame Canada: The 5 greatest pop culture insults to America’s hat

It takes a lot to anger agreeable Canadians — but when Ben Affleck’s Argo premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last month, the movie managed … Read the rest

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Is the media perpetuating mass murders? (video)

Interesting video on what a psychologist says causes these mass shootings to keep occurring.  “All this media coverage is turning this little twat into a nihilistic pin-up boy;” best quote from the guy in the video.

The Head Doctor Dr. Park Dietz

Forensic psychiatrist Dr. Park Dietz, founder of workplace misconduct prevention firm Threat Assessment Group, explains the mindset of a mass murderer and what businesses can do to spot a potential threat in their midst.

SIW: What is the Read the rest

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A Nation of Mindless Consumer We’ve Become (Best Black Friday Videos)

Fornicate the world, do you see any similarities with the zombie movies and people’s behavior today? Mindless Lemmings craving crap we don’t need to boost our happiness for a few minutes. Sex and booze make you happy, duh.

From a smarty pants: Study after study by psychologists has shown that there is no correlation between wealth and happiness. The only exception is in cases of real poverty, when extra income does relieve suffering and brings security. But once our basic … Read the rest

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Gangnam Style… The Korean Pimp Song (Video)

Mistaken Names:

  • Woop a gangman style
  • Hey Sexy Lady Song
  • Whoop a dad name Kyle
  • Gangman Style
  • Check my gangsta style
  • Asian Gangsta style
  • Oops my gang is out of style
  • Oops I came in style

What it means:

According to Korean friends, Gangnam is like South Korea’s Hollywood in Seoul (The Capital).    If you know a Korean, this song is like the equivalent of Led Zeppelin teaming up with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones while resurrecting Jimi Hendrix … Read the rest

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Awww Moment of the Day (Video of Baby Tiger & Chihuahua)

Interesting Facts About Tigers:

You can hear a tiger roar over a mile away!

A tiger can eat 100 pounds of meat a night! Compare that to 400 hamburgers! They need a lot of food because they go days between meals.

Tigers have been called man eaters, yet they eat frogs, monkeys, porcupines  fowl, and tortoises, especially  when a good deer is hard to find.

Tigers have eyes that are the brightest of any other animal in the world. At Read the rest

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Girl Scout Cookie Girl Samoas Her Face (vid)

Am I wrong for thinking this is funny?  Or is celebrating your mediocre accomplishments on video worth the pain of getting jacked knifed in family jewels?  I reckon that is something for the suits in DC to decide.  BTW, I gots this from Tosh.0


Yes my friends, if you ever want to fake sick at work like a boss and get away with it just eat 2 bananas … Read the rest

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Monkey Rapes A Frog, Like No Joke (video)

Monkey see Monkey do!

You see in chimp fairy tales it’s not you kiss the frog and it’ll turn into a prince.  It’s if you find the right frog you will have a happy ending.

Did you know that humans have the largest yogurt slinger out of all the primates.  Yep, even the gorilla has nothing on us.  King Kong ain’t got shiznit on me!  Gorillas love cannon size averages around a paltry two inches. Chimpanzees are much smaller than … Read the rest

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