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Bulldog Puppy Has Fallen And Cannot Get Up (video)

I like how the mom is just chillen in the background. Apparently you have to let the puppy learn on his own. The video is of a French Bulldog. I get confused about all these different types of Bulldogs. So I googled:

What do England, the U.S. Marines, Yale University, University of Georgia, and dozens of other schools all have in common? The dog they have all chosen to represent their tough, tenacious characters. That dog? Why, it’s the Bulldog, … Read the rest

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The Idiocracy is Upon Us (28 pics)

I saw this in the grocery store the other day:
soap electrolytes idiocracy

Look no further than the second reelection of PrezBo, or just the political system in general.  We the people elect evil power hungry politicians that waste billions on boondoggles to reassure their reelection.  The reason is we are getting dumber, lazier, and apathetic. The term Idiocracy is from the Mike Judge movie featuring Luke Wilson. Luke Wilson wakes up in the future and discovers everyone is really really stupid. It’s … Read the rest

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