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Best funniest fails around

Random Funny Pictures From the Pooper (64 pics)

Seriously, most of these are from the pooper. Good ol’ dropbox.


Best of Urban Dictionary this month:

bio-illogical clock

the internal physiological mechanism responsible for causing one to wake up at workday times on the weekend.

also responsible for any low-grade sleep disorders and the inability to stay awake during any meetings held after lunch.
“it’s saturday, go back to sleep!”
“i can’t, it’s my bio-illogical clock on the fritz again.”

poo parkour

The action of climbing over or … Read the rest

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Funny-Haphazard Best of the Interwebs (83 pics + gifs)

Like tots the funniest shiznit I could find all week. Some old. Some probably seen before. Like the honey-badger, I don’t give a $hit.

That chick is a keeper.

It’s all fun and games until he starts barking.

This makes me laugh.  It’s a Catholic uniform.

Historically, the capirote was a cardboard cone that flagellants in Spain would use. It was also used during capital punishment in Spain, and also during an Inquisition, where the condemned person would be … Read the rest

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