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The Death Star Needs Insurance

Disney announced two days ago that their new plans, having previously purchased Lucasfilm for $4 billion, aren’t just to make a new trilogy of Star Wars episodes, nor even to make a few spin-off films set in the same universe.  No, they are planning to make one Star Wars movie every single year, with off-shoot films alternating with official new ‘episodes’.  How much Star Wars is too much Star Wars? The idea of a new trilogy of Star Wars Read the rest

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Best TV Shows Starting This Summer 2013

Most Anticipated Summer 2013 TV Shows

The most anticipated summer 2013 TV shows include several returning series that consistently attract millions of viewers, but there are also several brand new shows premiering as well. This list includes all shows that will premiere and air during the summer of 2013. Which ones are you most looking forward to? Vote them up!

The biggest returning TV shows in summer 2013 include ‘Breaking Bad’ (July 15), ‘Dexter’ (June 30) and ‘True Blood.’ ‘Breaking … Read the rest

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The Tale of Two Cows (Epic Political Info-graph)

1) Three workers find themselves locked up, and they ask each other what they’re in for. The first man says: “I was always ten minutes late to work, so I was accused of sabotage.” The second man says: “I was always ten minutes early to work, so I was accused of espionage.” The third man says: “I always got to work on time, so I was accused of having a Western watch.”

And here are the nine runners-up:

2) An … Read the rest

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Random Funny Pictures From the Pooper (64 pics)

Seriously, most of these are from the pooper. Good ol’ dropbox.


Best of Urban Dictionary this month:

bio-illogical clock

the internal physiological mechanism responsible for causing one to wake up at workday times on the weekend.

also responsible for any low-grade sleep disorders and the inability to stay awake during any meetings held after lunch.
“it’s saturday, go back to sleep!”
“i can’t, it’s my bio-illogical clock on the fritz again.”

poo parkour

The action of climbing over or … Read the rest

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Atlanta the Nerdiest City in America?

patrolled-by-nerds speed limit sign
I’m a nerd and proud of it. As a kid growing up in the ’80s, though, there were few things more terrifying than the prospect of being deemed a nerd for my love of comic books, computers, role-playing games, and myriad other “nerdy” pursuits.

Thinking back on it now, it seems crazy that things considered so mainstream and even cool nowadays could get anyone subjected to near constant ridicule at the hands of their peers, but, oh boy, did they … Read the rest

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The Ugly Truth about the U.S. Tax Code

Four Score and 70 years ago, honest Abe started the first income tax.

The Bottom Line:

  • The current income tax was started in 1913.
  • What is taller than a giraffe and weighs 145 lbs?  The Tax Code (72,536 pages)
  • Regression analysis predicts by 2050 the tax code will be around 140,000 pages.
  • The Tax Code has 5 times as many words as the bible.
  • Compliance costs are estimated between 300-500 billion dollars/year.

1. Brief History:

  • To help pay for the
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So God Made a Dog (Epic-Awesome Video)

This video gets me all the time. They do not call them man’s best friend for nothing. It’s a spin on the Super Bowl Commercial, So God made a farmer.

The words:
God Made A Dog
And On the ninth day God looked down on his wide eyed children and said“they need a companion”. So God made a dog. God said: “I need somebody willing to wake up give kisses, pee on a tree, sleep all day, wake up again … Read the rest

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Best Movies Coming Out This Summer

Widget by Ranker

This isn’t my list, but it’s pretty close.

Like summers in the past, superhero and science fiction movies continue to be all the rage with “Iron Man 3,” “Star Trek Into Darkness,” “Man of Steel” and “The Wolverine” all among the top five must-see summer 2013 movies. Following along with other movie sequels, fans of the originals can check out “Kick-Ass 2,” “300: Rose of An Empire,” “The Fast and the Furious 6” and “Red 2.”

But … Read the rest

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Nebraska Cancer Kid Scores TD in Spring Game (vid)

If you don’t say awwww, you are a heartless devil person.

Nebraska held is annual Red-White Spring Game on Saturday and the star of the contest was a 7-year-old boy.
Jack Hoffman is a diehard Nebraska fan battling brain cancer. Last season, he formed a bond with Nebraska running back Rex Burkhead and has become an inspiration for the Huskers ever since.

So, during the fourth quarter of the spring game, Hoffman, who was dressed in a Nebraska uniform complete … Read the rest

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T-shirt du jour: Plumber’s Crack

The back of the shirt

The front of the shirt

Just say yes to plumber’s crack @26.99 Bontheball t-shirt store

Details: American Apparel 100% cotton t-shirt with a fitted / vintage fit. The medium-lightweight jersey fabric is made of ultra-soft combed cotton. Sizes: SM-3XL Get it

Origin of Plumber’s Crack: 

Buttock cleavage is minor exposure of the buttocks and the intergluteal cleft between them, often because of low-slung or loosetrousers. The crena is another formal term for … Read the rest

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Funny-Haphazard Best of the Interwebs (83 pics + gifs)

Like tots the funniest shiznit I could find all week. Some old. Some probably seen before. Like the honey-badger, I don’t give a $hit.

That chick is a keeper.

It’s all fun and games until he starts barking.

This makes me laugh.  It’s a Catholic uniform.

Historically, the capirote was a cardboard cone that flagellants in Spain would use. It was also used during capital punishment in Spain, and also during an Inquisition, where the condemned person would be … Read the rest

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