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Charles Ramsey Suffers From Awesomeness (video)

He is the dude that found the kidnapped girls in Ohio.

The highlights of the interview:

  • “He’s just somebody you look, and then you look away, because he’s not doing nothing but the average stuff. You know what I’m saying? There’s nothing exciting about him,” says Ramsey, before taking a deep breath.
  • Still dismayed, Ramsey tells the reporters, “I knew something was wrong when a little, pretty white girl ran into a black man’s arms.”

Charles Ramsey just might be … Read the rest

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Epic World Parties To Add To Your Bucket list

The Best Annual Party Events to Attend Worldwide

If you were given one year and an unlimited budget to squeeze in as many great events in as many countries around the world, where would be the places to be? I personally would like to go to Carnival and Oktoberfest. Mardi Gras is way way way too packed. However, it would be cool to have the dough to get one of them balconies on Bourbon Street and just throw beads to … Read the rest

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Holy Shizer, These are Not Photoshopped (32 pics)

17. A Glitch in the Matrix

That car rendered from what looks like vector graphics from an old-school arcade game is a wire-frame sculpture by artist Benedict Radcliffe. And we mean an actual frame made of wires.

Reportedly, it received a ticket for being illegally parked, though if we had been there we’d have quickly gotten another ticket for climbing inside, picking it up and running down the street making engine sounds.

And in Season 6 of Lost,
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