Cat & Baby Goat Playing on the Stairs (video)

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Not only do cats and goats make good meat for stew, they’re actually cute to watch play together. Who would’ve known? Damn, the goat is even named Pepperjack. Mmmmm.. tasty.
From the uploader on youtube: Pepperjack the goat playing with Macy the cat on the stairs.
There is even a goat farm in Atl. I’m going. He can cut my grass for a while..just a while. The article:
If you put enough talented, creative people together in a small space, chances are great ideas will blossom, eventually leading to economic opportunities.

This is the idea that real estate developers Anthony Harper and Chris Melhouse envisioned for a 19th-century cotton gin factory sitting on 12 acres of land outside downtown Atlanta.

Harper, an ex-investment banker, was inspired by physicist Geoffrey West’s population density theories, which attribute population density as the secret to exchanging ideas. Harper had the idea of transforming the abandoned space into a model for arts and culture real estate development. He tells us that the brick buildings detailed with arched windows and doors reminded him of his former musician life when he performed in warehouses with bands.

“We thought a dense environment of creatives and arts programming would be a way to explore West-type theories,” Harper says. “If we could attract artists and small creative businesses to the property, we wondered if our strategies could create a pseudo-city.”

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