10 Bad Bosses Explained with Animated Gifs

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The Bully Boss: This boss beats production out of employees.  Employees feel intimidated, which causes them to perform at less than capable performance levels.

The Douche Boss: This boss typically drives a Porsche or Corvette and only communicates with his upper management. The pretentious boss  treats his employees like scum.

The Passive Boss: This boss refuses to lead employees, will not confront problems, and allows dissension among employees. Employees run the show and politics destroys progress.

The Fence Leaner Boss: This boss always sees the grass as greener in another position in the organization or in another organization.  Employees feel abandoned without a voice in the organization and begin to look for their own greener grass.

The My Life Is A Mess Boss: This boss has a messed-up personal life and brings it into the office.  Employees are caught in a sea of drama, which keeps the organization in turmoil.

The Too Good For You Boss. This boss is unapproachable and never invests in employees who therefore feel unappreciated.

The Scared of Competition Boss. This boss is afraid employees will outperform him or her and so employees are given few responsibilities and the boss micro-manages all work.  The best employees feel underutilized and eventually leave the organization in search of more opportunities.

The Never Satisfied Boss: This boss is overly critical and hard to please. Employees wear out trying to make the boss happy and never feel a sense of accomplishment.

The Incompetent Boss: This boss hides behind his or her lack of qualification.  Employees suffer personally from a boss who cannot lead them.


The Aimless Boss: This boss has no expectations for the organization.  Goals and objectives are never obtained and employees are left without direction.

Article from http://www.ronedmondson.com/2009/06/9-bad-boss-types.html

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