Best TV Shows Starting This Summer 2013

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Most Anticipated Summer 2013 TV Shows

The most anticipated summer 2013 TV shows include several returning series that consistently attract millions of viewers, but there are also several brand new shows premiering as well. This list includes all shows that will premiere and air during the summer of 2013. Which ones are you most looking forward to? Vote them up!

The biggest returning TV shows in summer 2013 include ‘Breaking Bad’ (July 15), ‘Dexter’ (June 30) and ‘True Blood.’ ‘Breaking Bad,’ of course, returns for its final season, and no doubt it is one of the most highly anticipated shows. Dexter’s eighth season, which includes 12 episodes, will be its last. The series finale is scheduled for September 15, 2013. HBO plans summer releases for ‘True Blood’ (season six) and ‘The Newsroom’ (season two) beginning in the summer of 2013, as well. You can’t say there’s nothing to watch in the hot summer months, now can you? And, if you need to catch up, some of these summer premiere shows are among the best streaming Netflix TV shows, so no excuses!

Several new TV shows were expected to debut during the summer months of 2013. Some, like the FOX comedy ‘The Goodwin Games’ (starring Scott Foley), have been shuffled around so much that some thought they might never make it on air. Others, like CBS’ ‘Under The Dome’ (the TV adaptation of Stephen King’s best-selling novel), have been moving along at a very fast pace. The casting is finished, the shooting has begun, and it’s only a matter of time before it premieres (June 24, 2013, if you’re marking your TV viewing calendars). Will these new shows succeed, making this list of the best new TV shows of 2013? Only time will tell.

Which show is a must-see for you? If it isn’t listed here, and it is premiering over the summer of 2013, please add it to the list (along with a premiere date, if you have one). Happy channel surfing!

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