5 Epic Live TV Blunders (Explaining Celebrity TV to Americans)

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As if we weren’t aware that Hollywood celebrities tend to be divas, “The Daily Show” host and comedian Jon Stewart confirmed that British handsome-man Hugh Grant tops the list. So much, the actor known for romantic comedies is banned from ever appearing on “The Daily Show” again.

Concerning Grant’s backstage behavior: “He’s giving everyone shit the whole time, and he’s a big pain in the ass, and we’ve had dictators on the show,” Stuart said during a fundraiser.

He went on to describe Grant’s distaste for clips being shown for a movie promotion and just all around poor attitude while on the show.

Difficult celebrities on talk shows is nothing new in the world of entertainment. While some are comical and amusing, others can be rude and downright awkward. Here are a few of the most famous gaffes celebrities have made on America’s favorite cable TV shows.

Danny Devito Gets Drunk & Bashes ‘The View’

Danny Devito almost seemed to live out his character Frank Reynolds from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” when he stepped on the set of “The View” while intoxicated. Devito isn’t the first to give the women of “The view” a piece of his mind, but he was definitely the drunkest.

Drew Barrymore Earns Her Beads

In 1995, a young Drew Barrymore was hell bent on separating herself from the innocent little girl she played on E.T. And I would safely say, her appearance on Dave Letterman’s show was— mission accomplished. Barrymore got right up on Dave’s desk and started seductively dancing from him and the audience, with a little something extra, just for Dave.

Kanye West | ‘The Today Show’

“Hold on. I’m-a let you finish,” but Kanye had the best awkward interview of all time. You could make a greatest hits album with the amount of Kanye West TV gaffes over the last several years, and his interview with Matt Lauer on “The Today Show” is no exception. Once Lauer showed Kanye the clip of the famous rap star snubbing Taylor Swift of her MTV music award on stage, the egotistical wordsmith had just about enough. If you didn’t catch the Kanye/Swift MTV music award situation as it happened because you don’t have MTV, you’ve probably been missing out on very essential pieces of celebrity goods. There are endless sources like www.cable.tv where you can compare subscription packages. There’s really no excuse in 2012 not to be in the loop of celebrity soup as it happens!

A Bearded Joaquin Phoenix

It’s too bad it was all a hoax. When Joaquin Phoenix took a seat next to David Letterman in 2009, we thought the guy had actually gone crazy. He’s still genuinely weird and cool, but the whole stunt was just to promote his faux-documentary, “I’m Still Here.”

Tom Cruise

You didn’t think we were going to leave this one out, did you? No commentary necessary, just watch the video.


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