10 Awesome gift ideas for dudes

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1. Bacon Gift Bundle:

Bacon is meat candy

Forget about Omaha Steak & Harry & David mailed gifts.  Be different this year.  Give bacon.

Click for my info

2. The Beer Machine

Brew Master

Making beer doesn’t have to be difficult. With this machine it is literally all in one steps that’s in a keg. A great idea for beginners.  It’s fermentation, priming, kegging all in one.

3. DIY: Cafe Press, Blurb, Jones Soda

CafePress.com-Custom Gifts-250x250 banner

Give a truly original gift by creating: t-shirts, sweaters, bags, bumper stickers, mugs, i-phone cases, soda labels, books & more.  You can create about anything.  It is very easy to do so just give it a try.

Get 15% orders of $40+ at Cafepress.com!

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Jones Soda:

Jones Soda Personalized Zilch

4. PowerStrider (jump like crazy)

An advanced performance jumping stilt for people who want to take the sport to the next level. PowerStriders are truly unique. They can best be described as spring-loaded jumping boots or jumping stilts; some people call them bionic boots for short. The PowerStrider MB Shark is built around a controlled flat spring, which produces straight upward movement relative to the ground. The stored energy (i.e., the energy from compression) converts into upward (jumping) or forward (running) energy. What does that mean to you, the wearer? It means you can jump as high as 6 feet over friends, or run at a lightning speed of around 20 miles per hour without any effort beyond normal running.

PowerStrider Shark (Black) (1 Pair Advanced Stilts) (Up to 262 Lbs.)

5. Segway Xt All Terrain

Click for more info: Segway Xt All Terrain

6. RoboPong. Play ping-pong by yourself.

Click here for more info: Robo-Pong 1040Table Tennis Equipment)

7. RC Helicopter

shop wide discount,up to 16% off,offer valid from 20th,Aug to 5, Sep@hobbymoon.com

Because guys really never grow up completely.

Simple Flight Control, Flying RC helicopters has never been easier !

8. Electronics: (Droid Tablets, Kindle Fire)

gpad promotion save up to $60

Everbuying has hands down the lowest prices on electronics. Check them out for great tablets: Yilutong Technology Co.Ltd

9. A Vacation

Yuupon’s “Not A Typo” Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale

Yupon has great deals on vacations.  However, any site will do: CheapCaribbean.com, expedia.com, etc.

10. A projector

This is so much a better deal than a big screen.  I have one and I always promote projectors.  So what if your friend has an 80″ flat screen.  You can have a 300″ screen.  If you gotta a big enough house.

  • True High Def 1080p Resolution, 1.2x Manual Zoom and Focus
  • 1700 Lumens Brightness, Lamp life: 4000/3000 Hours (STD/Bright), 4X speed (RGBRGB) color-wheel
  • 4000:1 Contrast Ratio (On/Off), 500:1 ANSI Contrast
  • 37.6″ to 301.1″ Screen size,Offset: 116%,16:9 Native, 4:3 and LBX Compatible
  • Two HDMI, VGA-In, Component Video, Composite Video and +12V Trigger

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