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‘Mind-Blowing’ Sex Can Wipe Memory Clean | Transient Global Amnesia | Sex, Circulation & the Brain | LiveScience

  • Sex can trigger amnesia, as can other physical activities.
  • People in their 50s and 60s are the most likely to experience this

Incomes are Created, Not “Distributed”-Cafe Hayek

Below is a great article on how to spot a narcissists.  It will really open your eyes and make you view some of your friends or acquaintances differently.  Basically, they are like the honey badger (they don’t give a shit).  The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall) – YouTube They have no empathy and will lie and cheat to get what they want.  They are usually well spoken, handsome, and interesting.  They have to be or they would’ve naturally selected themselves along time ago.

Pajamas Media » Masters of Manipulation: How to Spot Narcissists, and How to Deal with Them

  • President Theodore Roosevelt’s daughter, Alice, vividly described this personality type when she said of her father, “He wants to be the bride at every wedding, the corpse at every funeral, and the baby at every christening.”
  • Highly demanding of parental attention from their earliest years, they learn how to attain and to hold their parents’ interest against all comers.

Anyone with five or more of the following traits qualifies as a narcissist and as someone you’d be better off not having in your life, no matter how entertaining or attractive they appear on their ever-dazzling surfaces.

  • They’re preoccupied by fantasies of their own brilliance, physical allure, and power.
  • If they have none, they turn to their cars, their wardrobes, their houses, their possessions, their collections, their dogs, their children, their alma maters, or even their acquaintances whose achievements or fine reputation can validate their own claim to superiority. This is called “narcissistic extensions”.
  • They cannot help themselves from harping on what they’ve done, own or have sired that you haven’t.  They cannot tolerate feelings of being second-best.
  • They’ll take immense pleasure in having some objectively unimportant connection to anything they deem “the best.”
  • Because they’re emotionally handicapped and cannot begin to imagine how others feel, they’re predatory and need to feed on the insecurities of others, heedless of the warnings of conscience that would afflict those with empathy.
  • They’re incapable of feeling remorse, regret or dismay at their own words or deeds.
  • They enjoy creating scenarios in which they’re in control and others are in pain
  • They wake up every morning with an overwhelming urge to manipulate their prey.  And to them, we’re all their prey.
  • Narcissists believe they’re special, unique.   They want others to see them as bigger than life.
  • They’re unable to tolerate attention turning to anyone else or admiration being directed at others.
  • They’re seized with a pervasive need for gratification from everyone around them. They also have a particularly irritating need to be “right” about everything — all the time.  If you dare to disagree, their response will be anything from an arrogant sigh  of dismissal to an unprovoked attack.
  • Narcissists are preternaturally preoccupied with fantasies of success.  If they have to lie to achieve their goals, no problem.  No conscience, no empathy — ergo no issues with bald-faced lies.

Hot Bikini Girl of the day – Linkiest

Mark Steyn: ‘Occupy’ is anarchists for Big Government – Orange County Register

16 Funny TV and Movie Screencaps (10.11.11) |

11 Things You Won’t Believe Governments Have Banned – (banned, governments…)

1. Australia: Porn Featuring Small Breasts

2. China: Game Consoles

3. Greece: Video Games

4. China: Avatar in 2D

5. Russia: Emo Clothing

The Rest: 11 Things You Won’t Believe Governments Have Banned – (banned, governments…)

Steve Spurrier went berserk at his press conference today and refused to speak while a certain columnist — Ron Morris of The State — was in the room. This wasn’t a good day for Spurrier. Quarterback Stephen Garcia, who has been suspended from the team FIVE times, was dismissed from the squad.

From “Spreading The Wealth” To “Spreading The Misery” – Forbes

Woman Climbs 70ft Wall To Avoid $4 Castle Admission Fee

The missing Pink Dots | The King of Forwards

The Bad:

Girls Brawl With Cops In Subway

Video Shows Brutal Attack At Sacramento Strip Mall « CBS Sacramento

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