Awesome Links Going Balls Deep is back! (Medicare druggies)

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So you want the government to run all our health care?  NYT reports that Medicare pays for druggies drugs.  Report Warns of Prescription Drug Abuse by Medicare Beneficiaries –

What happens is a drug addict goes doctor to doctor getting prescriptions using their Medicare (tax payer funded).  The Medicare system does not prevent measures to stop this like private plans. So an addict can get 100’s of painkiller prescriptions without hardly paying for any of them.

ESPN pulled Hank Williams from Monday Night Football for comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends” show Monday morning.  ESPN pulls Hank Williams Jr.’s ‘Are You Ready’ opening from MNF – ESPN

Who gives a flying bag of shite.  How many on the left got pulled for comparing Bush to Hitler?

BET’s Robert Johnson To Obama: Stop Attacking The Wealthy | RealClearPolitics

12 Hilarious Graffitis on Signs –

5 Things Women Judge First | The Dude Society – An online magazine for guys

According to this above link:

  • Teeth
  • Hair
  • Fingernails
  • Shoes
  • Smell

My top 5 of what women judge first:

  • Money
  • Money
  • Money
  • Money
  • Money

12 Tricks Your Brain is Playing on You – by Dumb Little Man

Facebook Is Getting Too Damn Complicated [OPINION]

Klavan On The Culture » ‘Willpower’ and the Suckiest Generation

Klavan on the baby boomers: Their promiscuity, adolescent foul-mouthedness, bad manners, and disregard for tradition — all of which they claimed were a new kind of freedom — were in fact the precursors to the very oldest kind of slavery:  slavery to one’s own impulses and desires. This slavery, packaged in the Sixties as “identity” or “culture” or “the right to be yourself,” ultimately leads to enslavement by others as it makes you indolent and irresponsible and in need of protection and restraint by the powers that be. A poor black man’s journey from hip hop culture to prison is a perfect example. So is a middle class white man’s journey from moral license and unwarranted praise to his sniveling need for an all-providing — oh, and by the way, all-powerful — state.

College Football Rankings: The Most Surprising Undefeated Teams | Bleacher Report | Bleacher Report

Clemson’s Sammy Watkins kicking Bud Foster’s lunch box over the bridge. 

via The Avenue of Champions

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