Libertarian billionaire funding artificial islands (12 pics)

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Silicon Valley billionaire funding creation of artificial libertarian islands | The Lookout – Yahoo! News.

Bottom Line:

  • Seasteading is a libertarian idea involving a floating city in the middle of the ocean where societies can innovate.


  • Seasteaders believe that government shouldn’t be like the cell phone carrier industry, with few choices and high customer-lock-in. They believe in a vibrant start-up sector for government, with many small groups experimenting with innovative ideas as they compete to serve their citizens’ needs better.


  • One the visionaries is Milton Friedman’s grandson Patri Friedman.  Milton was a famous economist.


  • “We don’t have a frontier anymore. The reason our political system doesn’t innovate anymore is that there’s no place to try out new things. We want to provide that place.”- Patri Friedman

My 2 cents:

Excellent idea!  It is the self-sufficiency of Thoreau’s Walden mixed with the Jetsons.  However, I believe it would be easier to start off by creating an island by dredging.  I do not know all the territory rules and if you do this that it would be considered a sovereign nation.  Nevertheless,  an island that can be dredged would be in shallower water.  With shallow water, it is easier to extract vital minerals and other resources.  If materials can be made you are not dependent on others.  Plus it easier to construct.  Another idea would be to buy old deep sea oil rig.  Jackup Rig For Sale – Oil platform for Sale- Worldoils Oil, gas and offshore equipment marketplace

Seasteading Institute

Ocean cities? So says Milton Friedman’s grandson – CBS News

Many designs have been submitted.  Some are below:

Other Man Made Islands and Ideas:

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